Summer of biking

My husband and I started mountain biking. So we bought our own bikes, gears and outfits (obviously, i needed to BUY outfits). It was a very fun summer and I can’t wait till spring to ride my bike again.

Its called Myka by Specialized bikes. Made specifically for women. I chose black because I dont want to look too girly by choosing a pink or baby blue color. But its got tiny purple butterflies so it definitely called for me to buy it. I added the comfiest grips and seat and a tiny bag at the back of my seat for my essential stuff. The bike itself is actually paid for by my mom as my birthday present.

I bought outfits for me and my husband at I loved the biking shorts because it comes with tons of useful pockets and butt pads!!! the best investment ever! they were having sale online so I bought 2 shirts for me and 2 shirts for hubby and two shorts for me.

I also bought biking shoes because i realized that if you use a regular sneakers, at the end of the day, the pedals would be eating the rubber and it gets really muddy in the trails. Its also by Specialized ans it costs $60.


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