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Betsey Johnson Aviator

Posted in Accessories on September 6, 2008 by au13

I hope this fits me well. I have the greatest regret of not buying a white Prada aviator sunglasses and now its gone, I couldnt find it anywhere else. I know summer is over but I wear sunglasses all year round to avoid the sunglares when driving. And the aviator style is the one that I dont have yet. So Ive been looking around. Moreover, I saw a pink sunglasses from Versace. However it didnt fit me, But it cool to see that pink sunglasses looks really cool. It makes it very unique (a little girly too) compared to all the black and brown sunglasses out there. This one Im going to order online for my birthday! I dont think I can find them in stores. It costs $85, not bad.


Heart Shaped Jewelry Set

Posted in Accessories on May 12, 2008 by au13

Finally, the time is here. My aunt has brought me another set of heart shaped jewelries. Its in white gold and diamonds all over. The stone in the middle gives you an illusion of a heart cut diamond but when you look cloely (which noone will) it is a princess cut with two U-shaped diamond. Its more expensive this time but I love it more. Why am I consistent with the heart shapes? so I can mix and match my jewelries everyday.

Coach Summer Jewelry

Posted in Accessories on April 26, 2008 by au13

AccK! its officially an epidemic… called SUMMER. The beach is calling me. The icons and symbols of the sea are in every fashion and trend of my favorite brands. Remember my blog entry about the starfish earrings? Well then check these out from Coach. A necklace and a bracelet which cost about $450 for both. But the gold and turquoise colors is calling out to me. The bracelet, I may never pull off because I have such small wrists but the necklace looks fun but I wont pay $150 for it. lol.

Movado Art of Heart

Posted in Accessories on April 19, 2008 by au13

My most favorite gift from my husband. Actually all of them are my favorite. But this one was the most unexpected. The most special thing about my birthday was when a gift magically appeared in my bag when i left it for a split second to get more fries (eat all you can fries- i was in heaven that night) in the Brazilian Restaurant we went to. It was a bracelet from Movado with heart charms. My husband knows my weakness in heart shaped jewelries and that night he really impressed me. He went gift hunting after work, dragging eddy in 3 different counties lol. But they didnt make it to Tiffanys and he was disppointed, he knew i really like them but it was closed by the time they get there. He was apologizing for not giving me what i wanted but what he gave me is much more expensive than tiffany’s. (By the way i couldnt find the price online). I thanked him anyway and was very surprised to receive a gift at all coz he already paid for my sunglasses (my requested gift-lol). And i really really love it, I wear it everyday too.

The earrings that is in the picture came from movado too. I bought it last christmas. I dont wear it that much since I wear the diamond earrings all the time. I feel like when I wear the heart earring and the bracelet, id be too matchy matchy and I kinda dont like that.  I love wearing it alone though, but I could count in my fingers how many times I did.

Diamond Earrings

Posted in Accessories on April 19, 2008 by au13

Ive been wearing these earring and ring set for about a year. I wear it EVERYDAY religiously, work or formal, or just going to a mall. I bought it last year from my aunt for about $1000. Soon my aunt will be here and I’ll be buying a new set so before I demote this set from “everyday wear” to “whenever i feel like”, id love to pay tribute to this heart shaped jewelry that made me feel special and pretty every single time I wear it.

Gucci Sunglasses

Posted in Accessories on April 19, 2008 by au13

AccK! Found it! My birthday gift for myself! Lol 5 more months to go! But anyway, this sunglass is from Gucci, its white and its not that flashy. There’s an interlocking G symbol on the side and its got crystals in it. I dont have a Gucci yet and I dont have white sunglasses. So this is perfect. Besides, I noticed a trend in both of my designer sunglasses. Both of them have crystals in their symbols. Yey! so happy. I hope I don’t find anymore sunglasses to confuse me. I love this one already. I hope it fits me well.


Posted in Accessories on April 16, 2008 by au13

My mom’s christmas gift for me last year. Absolutely love it. I always check them out when I pass by a Sunglass store. Fortunately, I was with my mom one day and she was in a good mood. So I begged. LOL. Sometimes, you just miss that feeling of being the child who is being spoiled by your mother. Its been a while since I felt that. Because since i’ve been married and independent, if i wanted something, its either i buy it with my own money, or i have to wait for a special occasion so my husband will buy it. LOL i am spoiled!  Anyway, I love this sunglasses from Chanel. Its actually one of my most expensive designer things. It costs about $325 plus tax and it comes in 2 colors – brown and black. Everytime I wear it, I feel like a celebrity. It goes well with everything. Its not very flashy but when you notice that Chanel symbol, you’d appreciate its quality. Im actually in the mood for another designer glasses but i havent set my heart on anything yet. Summer is so exciting – shoppingwise lol…