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Louis Vuitton Kate Clutch

Posted in Bags on August 4, 2008 by au13

I fell in love with this clutch when my husband and I were looking for a gift for our dad in the mall last week. I absolutely love the Multicolore Monogram pattern, but all the products in that category are at least $1200 each. I can never afford it. But this clutch really caught my eye because it was new to me ( I havent seen this on their website yet) and its only $560! My husband almost bought it for me right there and then. But I said ill think about it first. Expensive things like this needs a lot of thinking. My husband said all I need to do is give the go signal and he’ll buy it for my birthday. By morning, I thought that no matter how much i love it, its not gonna be practical to spend that much money on a small clutch like that. Its too small and too special to be used for everyday stuff. I want a bag that will serve me its purpose and it wouldnt hurt at all if its a designer bag as well. Louis Vuitton, we will meet again. lol.


Louis Vuitton Speedy 35

Posted in Bags on July 28, 2008 by au13

Ahh! a limited edition bag that is designed in collaboration with Marc Jacobs. It costs $1,270. I love the white and pink combination of the design. Its very interesting and much youthful twist of the classic design. Lol I have to be extra good this Christmas to deserve this (and probably skip a big birthday bash this yr) But really, do I need another bag? I know I dont want it yet but im pretty sure when I fall in love with it, theyre probably gonna be sold out.

Michael Kors

Posted in Bags on July 1, 2008 by au13

I started to love Michael Kors about 2-3 yrs ago, when Michael himself appears as a judge to the Bravo reality show Project Runway. Since then, ive been hearing about this brand as being a basis of a doctor’s monthly salary in the Philippines. So in the search for my most awaited birthday gift for 2008, my cousin suggested for me to buy a bag because she has a 50% discount at Michael Kors. And I immediately looked into their website to pick out my favorite. And since im the satchel type of person (I carry a lot of stuff all the time) I picked this one. Its black, it fits everything, it matches everything and can be used for every occasion. Could this be the perfect bag?


Coach Heritage Stripe Satchel

Posted in Bags on June 5, 2008 by au13

Ok. I was too harsh on Coach when I bashed on the patchwork bags in the previous post. Im actually in love with one of their bags and it is definitely the #1 candidate for the birthday gift for myself. Its in the Tattersall Pattern (white checkered) with the pink stripe. My two favorite colors combined and I do like the form of the bag. What ive always said about Coach is that, I never liked the quality of their cheaper/affordable bags (they look exactly like the fake ones). But their expensive bags are quite harder to copy and the design is much much better. So it is worth buying the more expensive Coach bags.

Patchwork is Back

Posted in Bags on May 31, 2008 by au13

Coach, who are you kidding? This is the same denim patchwork bag from last season. Same pattern but you just made it diagonal! But this is not the worst. Check out the Burberry bag with its checkered pattern made into diagonal patchwork! Its hideous!  

Gucci Bag

Posted in Bags on May 12, 2008 by au13

A gift from my aunt. I absolutely love it. Its quite small for all my everyday stuff. But there are days when I dont have to carry everything anyway. Nothing much to say, the picture says it all 🙂

Burberry Pink Nova Wallet

Posted in Bags on April 19, 2008 by au13

My first Burberry.  I was loving this at first. I got it for $80 at an outlet mall – orig price is $150. But then, it started deteriorating. The leather piping has a got a lesser quality than I imagined. I thought I just wasnt taking care of it until I found out other reviews that their wallets are deteriorating too with every use. *sigh* For what its worth, I love this wallet. Its pink and its burberry.  But Ive retired this since my husband got me a new one.