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Louis Vuitton Organizer

Posted in Books on August 17, 2008 by au13

Would my life be a whole lot easier if Im using this organizer? Sure, Its nice and fancy and I am absolutely in love with it. But I wish it also comes with magic to make my life better in regards to my schedules and things to do for the day. Maybe I would be inspired to keep my schedules in track If im using this lol. Oh well, its only free to dream. This costs about $450. And I saw it last week while my mother in law was shopping at Louis Vuitton. She committed the greatest sin in the world. She bought 3 bags (it was her birthday) worth $3500. LOL. She bought everything she liked within her budget and we drove the saleslady crazy. I asked my mother in law to put me in her will for her bags ūüėõ lol I cant wait for my birthday.


Paul Coelho’s Books

Posted in Books on July 28, 2008 by au13

I loved the simplicity of the stories in his books. Its easy to digest and its a quick read (its not 1000 pages). It almost feels like storytelling for kids, except that the story is for adults.¬† I love the lessons that i learn at the end of the book, its endings are always very satisfying. Sometimes when youre too busy with the mundane things in your everyday life, you forget what’s important. The values in life that we must abide by.¬† And Paul’s Books remind you of those values and gives you the time to think and look into yourself. Everyone read The Alchemist. The book about following your dream and¬†the second book I read was Miss Prym and the Devil. It is a story about good and evil. Witch of Portobello is about love and magic and 11 minutes is about love and sexuality. There are couple more books that I havent read but I surely will. I can pretty much say that he is one of my favorite authors.

Lucky Shopping Manual

Posted in Books on May 29, 2008 by au13

There was this funny moment that happened at the counter of Barnes and Nobles. I bought two books after an hour of waiting for my husband who was browsing in Sears (god i hate to be stading in those aisles filled with tools). The first book I bought was The Finish Rich Workbook by David Bach. Its a financial plan to get out of debt and plan for a richer future. Sounds good right?¬†Definitely a beneficial book¬†that I could learn a lot from.¬†The irony of that¬†moment though is when¬†lady scanned the next book. Which is the¬†shopping manual by Lucky Magazine. Haha. Its a actually a cool book, states the obvious what and¬†what not to wear. But it also gives cool ideas on which clothing matches, and accessories and all other good stuff. It helps you to build that closet of only the things you need and actually wear. None of those impulse buying of things that are cute but you’d never wear.¬†Its easy to¬†read coz its mostly pictures.¬†Lol and obviously it was the first book Ive read versus the financial book ūüėõ

Three Black Skirts

Posted in Books on May 12, 2008 by au13

Another book from Barnes and Nobles. It has the same idea as the other book- it is a survival guide for women who carries so much responsibilities in life. But this one talks about all the aspects of being a woman. Aside from beauty and personal care, it talks about career, family, relationships, financial advices, charity works, homemaking tips, spiritual health and etc. I learned a lot from this book. Sometimes, you never realize the things you know until someone else puts them in words and then you remember them and use them in your everyday life.

Busy Girl’s Guide to Looking Great

Posted in Books on May 12, 2008 by au13

Talks about Exercise, Diet, Fashion and Beauty. The book is so colorful, it makes you want to read more pages. However, there are pages colored orange or fuschia pink that I couldnt read. LOL. But I love the cartoons they used, its very chic. I think I have developed an allergy towards books with looong paragraphs and no pictures. As for the content, it was very light to read. I really learned a couple of things that Im always faced with but do not know what to do.

Exercise is definitely one thing I refuse to do but this makes it soud more fun and it does knock some sense in my head that I DO NEED IT. lol. The Fashion part is quite informative too. Though I am comfortable and secure with the types of clothes I wear, I still learned some things especially what NOT to wear for different occasions.

The beauty part is so repetitive. Some of them ive read and heard many times. I couldnt hurt to read it again though. Diet is diet. I dont have a choice on that. Whatever is served on my table, I will eat. My motto in life: If you make it, I’ll eat it LOL.