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AE Watercolor Tee

Posted in Clothing on September 6, 2008 by au13

I love white T-shirts. Theyre comfy and they look good with jeans. You still look great and fresh without the guesswork of what color you are in the mood today. (I choose black when im in a bad mood lol) But I cant have too much white shirts coz it looks too boring. So i like buying white shirts with a small hint of color and I saw these at American Eagle and I loved them. Lightweight tees with floral watercolor artwork. It costs about $25 so Im waiting for them to go on sale since summer is over. It comes in 4 different designs.


AE Peacoat

Posted in Clothing on September 6, 2008 by au13

Fall is here. I need a new Fall coat ( I seriously do) Someone liked my coat and bought it from me last yr. LOL. Ive been searching from the different brands that I like but some peacoats are just too bulky and quite expensive too.  This coat from American Eagle is less than $100 which is good.  It could be worn for work or casual and the color matches everything. So the next time I go shopping, Im definitely checking this out if it fits well.

Calvin Klein Bras

Posted in Clothing on August 31, 2008 by au13

Got it from Costco. $26 for 2 bras. One nude and one black. Hey thats $13 each. Not bad. Its a push up padded bra. Its actually very comfy to wear and it fits me well. The only thing I havent tested is if itll survive machine wash. But like I said, its not bad for an everyday bra.

Express Lightweight Tees

Posted in Clothing on August 4, 2008 by au13

I have been craving to shop these past few days. As you can see in my “Damages” page, I did not do much shopping in the month of July. And since we are going to so many events this summer, I thought of stocking up new shirts so Id always have that back up shirt when all my other shirts dont inspire me lol! And Ive always loved lightweight tees. They are the comfiest shirts ever. So I was just walking around the Express Store and I saw these on sale for $20 each. Orig is $28. So I got two shirts, Light Pink and a Purple, with swirls of design in the middle.

Express Buckle Cuff Shirt

Posted in Clothing on August 4, 2008 by au13

If you havent noticed, Express is one of my favorite stores. Though it can be expensive to shop there, I feel like most of their clothes really fit me well. And they have some good sales once in a while. I love their Jeans, work pants and shirts for work. They make me look decent and professional and i must say the quality is very good.

AND I LOVE THE FACT I DONT HAVE A IRON A THING! I usually buy the wash and wear fabrics coz I hate ironing besides the fact I dont have time for it. So since I discovered how awesome their clothes are, 50% of my wardrobe is basically from Express. I have 4 of these shirts and Im planning on buying more in the fall because they came out with new designs for shirts. Yes workshirts arent those boring manly looking clothes anymore.

Victoria’s Secret Invisible Shaping Bra

Posted in Clothing on July 28, 2008 by au13

Its one of those things I would never imagine buying for myself. But my mother in law bought it and wore it the last time we attended a wedding. The second formal I had to attend, i bought a blue dress that has a plunging neckline and I needed a bit of a boost so I decided to borrow it. This one definitely added another cupsize. Its made of silicone and it feels very real and im suprised the adhesive really stayed on the whole night. I wasnt worried that its going to fall out any minute. The clasp in the middle also gave that cleavage look and made it more secure. I’m probably not gonna wear it every occassion, only when the dress calls for it.

Bebe Shirt

Posted in Clothing on July 1, 2008 by au13

Ahhh Love this shirt! Its a lightweight tee shirt and I just love the design. I actually never owned anything from Bebe and Im glad this is my first one. Coz It definitely inspired me to look into this brand. I wore it during a car show in which I took so many pics and posted everywhere. And now I cant wear it too much coz  they would think I wear only one shirt. lol. It costs $40, though I wont normally shell out that much money for a shirt, I didnt care coz i loved it so much.