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Benefit Get Even

Posted in Cosmetics on September 6, 2008 by au13

My Clinique Face powder is almost out! Yey! I love this time! I get to shop again! Although it would take at least 2 more months. ( But I see the bottom already so I ll be powderin my face off in the next two months so I can buy a new one! lol Just kidding. Im just starting to think what to get next. When I got the Posietint two weeks ago, this powder caught my attention. It blots away shine and its a color correcting face powder. I might give it a try. Im definitely loveing the Posietint.


Benefit PosieTint

Posted in Cosmetics on August 4, 2008 by au13

Im crazy about blushes. I currently have 7 blushes (4 Clinique, 2 Shu Uemura, 1 Smashbox O-glow). And I use them depending which color Im in the mood in. The O-glow is the one on my on-the-go bag, used when a touch up is needed. But it never felt right. Usually I put too much or too little that I cant see the result. It seems like color doesnt match me. Its too bold that it doesnt look realistic to have that kind of blush.

So in browsing hundreds of products from Sephora, Ive always heard of the Benetint cheek and lip stain from Benefit. But its scary red and I will not dare put that on me. Until they came out with POSIETINT, a petal pink color that is absolutely youthful. And I love this color. Its noticeable but not too bold. It looks ok on the lips too but i still needed to put lip conditioner from MAC over it to keep my lips moist and soft.

I was hestitating at first because it costs $28. But that colorful box and bottle is just scraming for me to get it.


Benefit Cupid’s Bow

Posted in Cosmetics on August 4, 2008 by au13

This is what happens when you spend so many hours online. You learn things that are unnecessary yet informative and entertaining. I dont have any idea what a cupid’s bow is. Apparently its the ideal shape of the lip with the defined v-part in the middle of the upper lip and the pouting look of the lower lip. This product actually enhances that shape using highlights and shadows to create that look. Though I may not buy this ( I dont have time to play around with the shape of my lips when I only have 10 mins to fix myself in the morning) I thought i was interesting to learn and share this info.

Benefit Badgal Lash Mascara

Posted in Cosmetics on August 4, 2008 by au13

Time for a new Mascara. Though it was said that it is advisable to change mascaras every 3 months for sanitary purposes, my bourjois Mascara lasted about 6 months. Its a bit dry now and it stings a bit when i put it on my lashes. (Maybe its a sign that I needed to change it) I definitely didnt want my eyes to be infected or anything. Anywho, the Benefit brand have always caught my eye with their coolest names and since then, I have researched about their products and have been curious to try them out.  Their ad on this mascara said that its like putting on fake lashes. Well, that a bit of a stretch but I definitely noticed that it gave volume to my lashes. Its been on the whole day and it is still as defined as I applied it. Im not too particular with mascaras but I can tell i will like this one.

Coloron Animal Prints

Posted in Cosmetics on July 28, 2008 by au13

Haha! There’s more! The unique eyeshadow applique has now come out not just in several colors but now in animal prints. If I am going to a costume party why not. But I will not wear this in a formal party or anywhere else.  (I dont even have any animal print dress or shirts to match it with). But I thought Id talk about it coz its crazily intersting to people who loves their makeup unique and noticeable. Its available at Sephora.

Coloron Smoky Eye Applique

Posted in Cosmetics on July 5, 2008 by au13

Hah! What is this product? A smoky eye applique for the lazy people who can just slap on the smoky eye effect? lol just kidding. I have practised so many times in front of the mirror to achieve that smoky look and now they come out with this? Im guessing its applied like a fake tattoo. Im not sure if its works but its worth talking about in the least. Check it out at Sephora. Its $25 for five pairs.

Coach Cosmetics

Posted in Cosmetics on June 5, 2008 by au13

Im very particular on what goes on to my face. But certain products I dont care if its branded or not as long as Im not allergic to it. Best example would be Lipgloss. I have used a $1 lipgloss and a $25 lip gloss which doesnt have much difference. If I find the product cute or its got a unique color, I would immediately buy it without thinking. What a shocking moment for me today while browsing to see a lip gloss and a powder under their newest product line. Its like mixing of the heavens. One of my favorite brands for bags has now come out with cosmetics (my other favorite passion!) Definitely, my wishlist for the month of June is getting longer. I have to distract myself away from online browsing for products lol.