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Vive Loreal Pro Nutri Gloss

Posted in Hair Care on May 29, 2008 by au13

Time for a new shampoo. Another attempt to control the frizz. My hair is much longer now and much more annoying to deal with everyday. I didnt get the Super intense Moisturizer because it usually is very heavy with my hair. I have fine hair but its frizzy and heavy conditioners makes it more oily and icky.  So i got the Nutri Gloss that makes the hair shiny and moisturized. Its got a nice gentle scent and it feels really clean. I couldnt tell if the moisturizing effect  was working because the weather has been nice lately and my hair is well behaved. I need to use it more to give you a more detailed effect when used in the long run.


Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo

Posted in Hair Care on May 1, 2008 by au13

Another quick easy fix that intrigued me while reading the Sephora book. A dry shampoo? now this is new to me. Im not sure if Ill replace my everyday washing of the hair but Id like to see what this product is all about. Its a powder that you pour all over your scalp . You then massage it and brush it out. And its supposed to create a miracle of clean hair and nourished scalp. My eyebrows are still raised but they say it does absorbed the oils in the hair. Uggh, but still! The idea of not wetting the hair for more than a day gives me a headache already. I need something cold to cool me down and refresh me. The only time that I could think of using a dry shampoo would be probably in camping. But even campgrounds have nice showers so naaah. I just thought Id share my thoughts on this one.

Vaseline Healthy Glow Shampoo

Posted in Hair Care on April 5, 2008 by au13

I discovered this product in the Philippines when I came home last Christmas. I didnt know Vaseline makes shampoo now. And my sister-in-law had this at her condo and my husband and I almost finished the whole bottle in 3 days because we loved it so much. We actually ordered it from the Phils and the parcel came in 3 days ago and Ive been using it and loving it. I wish we ordered more because my husband complains I use too much because I have longer hair. Haha. Anyway the one we have is the Aloe version so it feels very good on the hair. It smelled great and it didnt cause me dandruffs (perfumed shampoos usually does). My hair actually looks better-it controlled my frizz even without conditioner (we forgot to order that-lol). I actually can’t wait till the next time I wash my hair. Makes me think, my hair still loves products from back home.

Got 2b

Posted in Hair Care on March 8, 2008 by au13

Skincare. Cosmetics. Accesories. What else am I missing is HAIRCARE!

This brand caught my eye instantly when I saw the name. Mainly because it is my husband’s nickname. Eventually, I keep noticing that their line has been offering many different products for all different stles and types of hair. And the colorful and unique bottles doesnt discourage me either.

My hair would always be the last thing I think about. I basically have 10 mins in the morning to prep myself. I spent about 3 mins deciding what clothes to put on, 5 mins putting make up on and I blow dry my hair like crazy for the remaining 2 mins. If Im lucky, my hair would eventually relax by midday or if the humidity is high, my hair would just be all frizzy all day. Pony tail has always been an option and I do get away with the painful Hair Straightener on special occasions. But I think its time to do something about my hair.

So I bought two products. Got 2b Styltini Glazed Over 24 hour Smoothing Creme Gel and the Styltini 24 hours Root 2 Tip Hair Silkener. I have been using the product for a week and so far it has been kind to me. I use the Smoothing Creme Gel  right after I get out of the shower. I towel my hair dry and spend a minute putting this gel on my hair. At first, I was afraid it would look icky on my hair but once I blow dry my hair, I could see the difference that my hair is not as frizzy as before. Then I would finish it off with a few spritz of the hair silkener to make it shiny and it adds a fruity smell in your hair. And for the price of under $5 each, I would definitely be a loyal fan of these products.