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Posted in Shoes on June 7, 2008 by au13

It was very unexpected that I bought these sandals. I have rebeled against it despite my husband’s suggestion. I always thought it looked better on people with wider feet. But today I tried one pair and it fit perfectly. The Cozumel style is very slim. And I found it in pearly white (Ice creme) color. My foot was also hurting from the BCBG slippers that I was wearing. So there, Im actually starting to love it. its very comfy, I wore it the rest of the day and the leather strap was soft enough. It felt weird at first but my husband said eventually the sandal will take the form of my foot and it will be more comfy. I think this will be my favorite sandals of Summer 2008.


Betsey Johnson Sandals

Posted in Shoes on May 31, 2008 by au13

Saw them while browsing at Victoria’s Secret online store.  Cutest thing for summer however Im scared of the heels. I am so careless and such a klutz and I will surely die in these shoes (or probably permanently break my ankles) . Haha.  I love both colors and Im sure they will look great with dresses and jeans.

BCBGirls Flip Flops

Posted in Shoes on May 12, 2008 by au13

I came across this flipflops while shopping at TJ Maxx with my aunt. I noticed all my shoes for summer are flats and I wanted to incorporate some height on some days for variety. I bought two colors because I couldnt decide which one I should get. White is my favorite color and Black matches everything and doesnt appear dirty easily. The style is similar to the Juicy Couture slippers I saw in a magazine (costs $40). Its got the tiny ribbon and some emblems on the side. The only funny thing about this is that tiny things can tickle your toes when it gets between them. But anyways, they are very lovely to look at. I got it on sale too (orig is $35 I got both for $40).

Jordan Prima

Posted in Shoes on May 12, 2008 by au13

I needed new sneakers, my converse is so worn out by now and I wanted something to alternate with. My fashion assistant found this shoe for me (aka husband). The Jordan shoes are made by Nike but mostly famous with the guys who wear them for basketball. However this Jordan prima for women has the same style as their famous basketball shoes but its more feminine. LOL. I really dont care much about shoes. As long as it is comfy and it matches everyting. But with this shoe there is another hidden agenda. It catches the guys attention and it fools other people that I am into the more athletic type rather than the girly girly type. LOL.


Posted in Shoes on April 19, 2008 by au13

Today, the weather was extremely nice. Summer is definitely just around the corner (haha! watch me complain about the heat when extreme summer really hits NY). So I took out all my summer clothes and flip flops and kept my turtlenecks and boots. Then I saw my Skechers from last summer. I definitely missed this pair. I love the gold color of this sneakers (ive never had gold) – its actually more like a neutral color of gold so its not that hard to wear it with bright colors. I love the style, its very girly. Its very comfy too, i remember walking at least 20 blocks around Miami in them.

Converse Sneakers

Posted in Shoes on April 19, 2008 by au13

I have been using this sneakers for about 6 months now. It survived thru winter and will definitely not retire for the next two years. I usually buy the white sneakers from Nike and retire them in about 6 months. Im too lazy to clean them. So I was in a mall one day, and I saw this pair from Converse, I immediately liked it. The color and design matches anything. I got mine in black patchwork. I thought converse will make me look childish but I was wrong. It looks really good and comfortable too. I definitely love these shoes. I wear them practically every weekend.

Havaianas Flip flops

Posted in Shoes on April 5, 2008 by au13

Summer, where are you! I have been waiting for so long for summer to come. My feet has been encased with leather or canvas all these time and wanting to break free. I miss my flip flops! My favorite among all of them are from Havaianas. I learned about this from a friend and my sis-in-law and they keep saying they were expensive. We looked at the website and saw that it was just about $12. Not bad. We ordered a bunch of them online between me, my husband and his sister. Then, I discovered why they were raving about it. It was the comfiest flip flops in the world. Quality is very good. I have about 4 pairs and have been using them for 3 summers now. And like wine it just gets better as it gets older. I bet next summer when I take it out, it’ll be comfier. And I love it, I wear them everywhere, with jeans, shorts, or skirts. The colors are both fun and easy to match anything with. The designs are just so cute, every year they come out with so much variety. Its definitely a summer must-have.