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Ped Egg

Posted in Skincare on September 6, 2008 by au13

The Ped Egg. Its like a grating instrument for your callous feet. I must admit that the feet is the last thing I take care of (that is, if i get to it). So over time my feet has absorbed tons of abuse and have only been pampered once in my life (got a footspa in the Philippines). So, while watching TV I saw this Ped Egg, which I found amusing because the models did get a lot of dead skin cells and theyre feet looked really fresh after using using it. As if you got an instant footspa. Feet feels soft and callous-free. For years I have seen my auntie use nail files to sand down the callouses, but I think this gadget is very effective. It felt weird at first because you feel like your grating your feet and its a scary thought but once i got the hang of it, it became addicting. (Just dont overdo it, please).¬† Hey its only $10, and its very convenient to use. The thing i like about it is you dont scatter your skin cells all over the room. It gets collected inside the egg shaped grater and you can empty it out later when you done. I definitely recommend it. I cant wait to use it again ūüėõ


Garnier Eye Depuffing Gel

Posted in Skincare on September 6, 2008 by au13

Haha! The idea of an eyebag roller seems a bit absurd. But I realized that the eye cream is for brightening purposes only for the dark circles. I needed help with depuffing the eyebags. I learned that at night the fluids are not circulating well and thus gets collected in the eyebags. So thats why when I cry all night, my eyes are all puffy and disgusting hahaha! So I saw this while shopping at Harmon and decided to give it a try. Apparently, the roll on applicator helps promote the microcirculation and cooling sensation of the eyes. It would literally awake you coz the metal roller is sooo cold when you put them in your eyebags. You can use this as much as you want. I bring it with me everywhere and I love it. Eyebags are natural part of our face so Im not expecting that it would disappear, but I do notice that my eyes feel better and does not look haggard and tired.

Never Let Them See You Shine

Posted in Skincare on August 17, 2008 by au13

This collection is form Philosophy. Supposedly their anti-shine, oil control cleanser and it also comes in  a scrub. ($20 each). Which is just perfect because that the only things I need to replace. But then I have this stupid idea that things work better if you use the same brand in everything. So far, i am not wooed by the moisturizers of Philosophy even though they came out with an Spf daytime moisturizer. So im probably sticking to my Lancome Day Moisturizer. So now when my Garnier moisturizers are out (I still have night cream and eye cream) then Ill start looking for a different brand. For now, Ill just try out this one from Philosophy. Its definitely much cheaper than the Shiseido skin care.

Shiseido Skin care

Posted in Skincare on August 17, 2008 by au13

Time for a new skin care. My Garnier face scrub and cleanser is almost gone. I have a couple of ideas and brands that ive been wanting to try. Philosophy is one, but then I can never find the right match for what my skin needs. I need oil control but not too harsh, acne regimen usually dries out my skin. I need an SPF on my lotion  and I need a good night moisturizer. Its also a plus when they have a really good eye cream. So while browsing Sephora I saw this Shiseido Early Age defense regimen. Im just not too sure how its going to control my oilyness but Im hoping the moisturizing effects would be totally worth it.  The set contains a gentle cleanser, hydro nourishing softener, daytime spf light moisturizer and a multiaction night moisturizer. Total of a whopping $140 dollars without tax. Ouch. hmm maybe ill try samples first lol. If anybody have any suggestions just let me know.

Bath and Body Works Haul

Posted in Skincare on May 29, 2008 by au13

Ahhh. So stressful this week! End of the month and a bunch of visitors that needed to be toured around. Work and chores and bills and the stupid claim for my car accident.¬†All driving me crazy. Time for a ME time. After work, I stopped by Bath and Body Works to buy some hand cream and body butter. Our friend called my hands “grandma hands” because it was so dry from all the dishwashing¬†im doing lol. ¬†After smelling 20 different fruits and flower scents, I was dizzy but¬†I picked the cherry blossom scent. I also got the cream body wash and the body spray. I couldnt wait to go home and take a bath! And voila, it works, I was actually more productive in one night compared the whole week i spent in worrying and panicking about how much work I have to do.

Lancome Pore Refining Toner

Posted in Skincare on May 12, 2008 by au13

Another attempt to control my combination oily skin. It actually makes my pores look smaller but the oily aspect is still there. I guess it is inevitable. I have never known anyone who doesnt get an oily t-zone at some point in their day. I use this mainly in the morning before moisturizer and make up. At night, I usually skip this since I want my face to be moisturized and who really cares about a shiny nose when theyre sleeping?

Nivea Bikini Challenge

Posted in Skincare on April 29, 2008 by au13

I was listening to the radio the other day and Carolina from Z100 was talking about the Nivea GoodBye Cellulite Gel Cream that removes that unsightly cellulite around hips and thighs. Unfortunately, that is one of the enemies of the female kind whether overweight or not. I certainly have them and I noticed that last summer around my thighs. Yes I am skinny but cellulite is a skin condition and I was definitely not exempted from that. I couldnt believe that guys dont get it no matter how overwight they are. So unfair. To read more about it check out . The site features a 4 week program to have that flawless body you want to take to the beach (or keep even beyond summer). It has lots of tips for nutrition, exercise, how to treat the cellulite and some trendy tips for style. They lay out a plan for you in a fun way and it kinda makes me wanna do it. Naaah. Im allergic to exercise. lol but we’ll see how far i go with it this time. Whats there to lose anyway but cellulites?