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Silk Dye Dip Scarf

Posted in Uncategorized on February 2, 2010 by au13

So Banana Republic sent me a gift card as a reward for shopping too much at their store. So I decided to spend it on a scarf since I forgot mine last night. Orig price is $29.99 onsale for $17.00 and my gift card was $20.00. So I got it for free! I have this silk dip dye scarf in half lavender and half violet which creates 2 different levels of colors when wrapped around your neck. It also matches my Express purple coat. Its very comfy in the neck although not as warm as a cashmere. But I believe i’ll be wearing it for the rest of the winter and early spring time too.


Abercrombie Fleece pants

Posted in Uncategorized on February 2, 2010 by au13

Got this on sale online for $30.  Original price is $59.99. I dont know why it is so expensive but i know i will never pay for it full price 🙂 Nevertheless, I love these pants. Especially on those days where jeans are my enemies. These are very comfy and it looks casual enough to go outside with. I will never be caught like those people who do their errands in their pajamas. No way. Im actually planning on buying another one in the summer time. Hmm maybe fleece shorts too?

Clinique Haul

Posted in Uncategorized on January 25, 2010 by au13

Im a big fan of Clinique. I have literally everything in their cosmetic line. I use 100%  of their products because it works well on my skin. The products last me a long time but I still buy when theres a new product being introduced. But I keep buying what works. Recently I have also completed the skin care line, meaning, I bought everything that I needed. Though its a bit expensive, I believe its worth it. Plus I used tons of gifts cards from Christmas.

These are the products that I have bought in the last couple of months. (Scroll over for my comments)


Posted in Uncategorized on January 25, 2010 by au13

2009 was the year when my husband and I have become so active. With mountain biking and yoga for me and Pingpong for my husband, it was a very busy summer and in the winter time, he goes snowboarding. So instead of sitting at home and waiting for him, I decided to give it another try. I couldnt do it 3 years ago- i gave up – it was the hardest thing in the world. This time I was successful at learning. Im actually having fun when im not falling so much!  I think theres a future for me. My friends are helpful enough and the beginners are sticking to each other, looking like fools and falling off our asses. But it is sooo much fun, I cant wait to buy my own gears. So far, I only bought a Spyder Jacket (white with purple -instead of black in the picture) from Burlington Coat factory on sale for $150 and a purple Columbia hat ($30) that matches my jacket. I havent decided on which snowboad I will get yet so stay tuned on that one.

Christmas Gifts

Posted in Uncategorized on January 25, 2010 by au13

I have been so spoiled this Christmas. To the point i felt like I almost do not deserve it.

My mom gave me an Express gift card so I bought this Bluish purple belted wool coat. I decided to get a unique color because I got so tired with wearing black in the winter time. And I guess Im still in my purple phase. I love this coat despite me becoming a lint magnet. The lining is a leopard print and im not too crazy about that. I look very professional in it and its also warm at the same time. Original price was $168. I got it for $79 with my discounts.


My husband gave me a Pink Toshiba Netbook because my old laptop was dying. I did ask for it so it wasnt much of a suprise. The surprise was it came in a Louis Vuitton Box which confused the hell out of me, but it was a good laugh trip when I saw the netbook. So far I love it. Its very light to carry around. It may not have the full features of a laptop but it definitely does what I need to be done. Like blogging, facebooking and paying bills (boohoo)!

And what made this Christmas extra special is when my mother in law gave me my very first Louis Vuitton. I got a Speedy 30 Damier Azure and I love it. I have used it so many times already in the last month and I totally get why the original is worth buying. It matches everything I wear, from Casual to Professional to Party wear. I just had to  put a cardboard inside to keep the shape of the bag so it wont sag when I put my stuff  in. Thanks to my family, this christmas is definitelya memorable one.

Hello Kitty Water Bottle

Posted in Uncategorized on January 25, 2010 by au13

This is one of my favorite things as of the moment. I bring this aluminum bottle everyday. Its made by Sigg and it costs $21. Though its a bit expensive, I told my hubby that if he knew me he knows Im going to buy it. i have such weakness for Hello Kitty and this retro design didnt look too childish. I like the soft white color as well and yes, I have been so inspired that I drink a lot of water now. LOL

Bikram Yoga

Posted in Uncategorized on January 25, 2010 by au13

I started doing bikram yoga around November 2009. A friend introduced me into it and I definitely liked it. Its a good workout for the body (yes, i was sweating a lot) and I found that it helped relieve stress in the middle of the busy week. And of course, in everything I do in life, shopping would always play a big part.

I bought my yoga mat at Sports Authority for $30. Its by Nike and I wished there were more colors available but they only had pink or grey. I guess I was in the pink mode that day. Nothing special, all yoga mats look the same to me. I wish I bought a cheaper one with a better design.

I bought Yoga pants from Victoria’s secret from their pink collection for $29. Then it went on sale a week later for $19.  I wore it a couple of times. Its very comfy and when you order, it gives you the choice of the length of the pants so it was a perfect fit.

Of all the things i bought, this was my proudest. I love this yoga mat bag. Its from and it was on sale for $9 plus free shipping during the Black Friday after thanksgiving. I was so happy when I bought it. It also has a nice yoga mat but I didnt need it. It was the same yoga mat used by Scarlett Johanssen in the movie “Hes just not into you.” The design itself  is very unique, its unlike every other yoga mat bag you see out there. The pockets are very roomy and it fits all my necessary stuff like towel and water bottle. But the thing I like most about this is that its zippered all around. Most yoga bags only has a tie opening on the top and I realized its very hard to insert a yoga mat inside, but this one does it with ease. So I love it. Maybe someday I’ll buy the mat that matches it 😛

Bikram yoga requires you to have a towel over your mat. Because you sweat a lot and it helps your hands and feet to grip when doing certain positions. I bought Yogitoes Skidless Towels for $29. These towels are waaayy to expensive (some were $60) but what makes it special is the tiny silicone grips that sticks over the yoga mat for better grip.  So you wont be slipping and sliding when your feet is over your head. I bought a pink one because it matches my mat. And it was the only one available at the time i went to the store.