From what I remember, my very first skincare product was Ponds Facial Cleanser back in highschool. A simple and gentle cleanser and that’s about it. I wasn’t into make up or moisturizers back then.

But then the acne era occurred when I moved here to New York. I was treating it with prescription medications that were too harsh on my skin and my cousin recommended the Neutrogena facial wash. It dried my skin like hell. At that time, there weren’t many products available for Neutrogena, unlike today.

Then I ventured out on my own and bought the drugstore products such as Clean and Clear. I bought their acne ointments and facial wash. They also came out with moisturizers but they were too oily. The only thing I still use is the Oil blotting sheets.

I did Proactiv as well, for a couple of months, but it did not work on me. I was still having breakouts. I was just carried away from the infomercials and ordered it. It was pretty expensive too. The shipments kept coming even if I still have half left from my current set.

I went back to Neutrogena, by this time they offer sets as well. I bought the whole line of their Advanced Treatment. Lotions, masks, scrubs, ointments and all. I’ve spent so much money on this, but then again, it was too harsh on my skin.

I have abused my skin so much for using all these products that dont work on me. And someone suggested maybe all I need are the simple and gentle products. And for the next couple of years, I have used Cetaphil facial wash and their body cream. Both products are still in our bathroom. It definitely helped my skin heal from the other products I’ve used.

When my acne cleared, I started using Aveeno. I loved their facial washes and moisturizers. I basically bought the whole line. Cleansing cloths, serum, moisturizers and this time, my skin had definitely improved. Every morning, when I wake up, my skin looks clear. It looks softer and firmer and since then I never get any comments that I look older than my husband. Haha. The best product they have that I still use everyday is the Correcting Treatment for acne and it actually helps diminish the acne scars.

Then I got sucked in by Mary Kay products. My mom had invited a representative and I felt bad not ordering so what the heck. I bought their Facial wash, Moisturizer and the Microabrasion Scrub set. I spent $100 for 4 products. Lol. Never again. The facial wash is gentle enough and I still use the Scrub set once in a while to get a good cleaning. (Ive had it for 2 yrs and I still have a lot left).

Also, while at CVS store, I found these Natural Organic products. Its called Be.Fine Skincare. It is apparently made of fruits and veggies and all other natural ingredients that are good for the skin. It was quite expensive $19 per bottle. I bought the cleanser that smelled like menthol, night cream that smelled like chocolate, toner made with ginger and lip serum from beets. My skin wasn’t into these products. It became more oily and my skin wasn’t just absorbing it well.

Finally, I saw Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew. Like Aveeno, they offered tons of options for moisturizing. I bought the eye cream(this works for dark circles and puffiness), serum (added moisture), night cream, daily moisturizer, cleansing wipes (I use to remove make up), facial wash and microscrub (I use in the shower). I’ve been using it for a year now and loving it. Their moisturizers are easily absorbed and its not greasy or sticky. These products are definitely a treat for the skin. After all the make up I use, my favorite part of the evening is when Im washing my face and putting all these lotions and see my skin drink up the moisture. It keeps it there for the rest of the night and I wake up with great skin.

The future: I have been eyeing the Philosophy Products at Sephora. I’ve actually tried a sample of their products and I really liked it. It feels very gentle and a lot of people have sworn the greatness of the moisturizer. My cousin uses it and she loves it. I’m just waiting for the Garnier line to finish.

Every timeline of my life have different kind of needs. I used to be concerned with acne, soon I will be in the anti-aging products. The quest is on for the search of better products out there.



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  1. Lancome has wonderful skin care products

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