Coach Parker Satchel

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This was my birthday present for myself. Orig is $458 but i got it on sale for $278. I love love love the colors. In 2009, I went back to my purple phase which perfectly matched with all my grey stuff. The handles are super soft and the compartments inside is very useful. Its definitely one of my favorite buys last year.



Moroccan Oil

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I’ve heard a lot of good reviews for this oil. So i went and got my own to see what the fuss is about. It claims it helps with the frizz, but for me it didnt work. Supposedly it protects the hair from the styling tools that we use everyday.  But its very moisturizing though and it makes the hair shiny. It smells really good too, like a tropical summer smell. But it costs a bit too much $35 but a little goes a long way. I could live without it though. Sometimes I dont have the time in the morning to do this extra step.

Summer of biking

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My husband and I started mountain biking. So we bought our own bikes, gears and outfits (obviously, i needed to BUY outfits). It was a very fun summer and I can’t wait till spring to ride my bike again.

Its called Myka by Specialized bikes. Made specifically for women. I chose black because I dont want to look too girly by choosing a pink or baby blue color. But its got tiny purple butterflies so it definitely called for me to buy it. I added the comfiest grips and seat and a tiny bag at the back of my seat for my essential stuff. The bike itself is actually paid for by my mom as my birthday present.

I bought outfits for me and my husband at I loved the biking shorts because it comes with tons of useful pockets and butt pads!!! the best investment ever! they were having sale online so I bought 2 shirts for me and 2 shirts for hubby and two shorts for me.

I also bought biking shoes because i realized that if you use a regular sneakers, at the end of the day, the pedals would be eating the rubber and it gets really muddy in the trails. Its also by Specialized ans it costs $60.

Gap Mixed Striped Waffle Knit T

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While researching for this post, I just found out that my favorite sweaters from GAP, the ones that I have been wearing since Fall and throughout Winter, in which I own three colors of, the ones that fits me well and theyre the most comfortable thing to wear….. are actually…… MATERNITY CLOTHES!! (accdg to the website), Oh well, I love it still.  It looks good with leggings or jeans. i have it in green, red and purple.

Gap Puffer Vest

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Towards fall last year, I realized that I’ve lived this long and I never had a puffer vest. So i bought this for $60 at Gap. Its perfect for that 50 degree weather and quick errand runs.

Express Haul

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OMG. This could be my longest entry ever. And it was quite expensive if I total all my purchases for the last two months. But these are what I bought from Express:

barelybootBarely Boot Jeans – its a Hybrid of Boot Cut Jeans and Skinny Jeans. Skinny on thighs and Boot cut on the bottom. Good fit. I love the dark wash too. ($50)cardigan2Ruffle Front Cardigan – Haha This sweater wasn’t on the store displays yet and Im already requesting it. The salesperson had to  go to the back to check if they have it. I have this in Black. Its a perfect cover up for a tank when summer nights become a bit chilly. ($30)

expressteeJust a tee. I have this in Pink and Grey. A cool twist to the old white shirt look. ($15)

leggingsLeggings- OMG I havent worn them since I was 11.  Now its back in fashion and I love wearing it with long lean tank tops and tshirts and dressy tunics. Its very comfortable especially on days when the weather is just too hot to wear jeans. ($24)

shirtStripes – I never thought Id wear them again. I always have this vision that Stripes make you look fat but what  I liked about this shirt is the neckline- its kinda heart shaped. Very flattering 🙂 I have this in Grey/Black ($15)

short jumpsuitShort Jumpsuit – This is an easy pick when going out. Because you dont have to think about which top or which bottom. its very comfortable to wear. Just add accessories and nice sandals. Or it could be as casual to wear just with flipflops. the only thing I dont like about this one-piece jumpsuit is that when you go to the bathroom you have to undress from the top 😛 I have this in Black and Brown ($40)

snakeskin tankSnakeskin Tank top – I pair this one with my leggings  and sandals – I look very slim in it 🙂 ($30)

sweterCowl Neck Sweater – haha I made a mistake of buying this sweater because its still summer and the store is already putting out Fall fashion.  Now I have to wait when the weather is a bit colder to wear this. I could pair this with the leggings or skinny jeans. I bought it because I absolutely love the color. ($35)

tiered cami dressTiered Cami dress – I bought this online as soon as it went on sale. Its originally $70 and now its $30 so I ordered it immediately. I’m actually still waiting for it to be delivered. LOL.

tiered scoop neck top

Tiered Scoop Neck Top – I have this in White and Black – I loved the fact that it looks girly and hides my tummy at the same time. ($17)sweater

Flyaway cardigan – I wore this all Springtime. It looks great on casual or work clothes. And I love it because its lightweight and it magically fits in my purses when folded. ($40)

Addicted to Pink

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I have found my favorite favorite most favorite Iphone case in the whole world. This metallic pink case is never going to be replaced by any other. Its slim and it looks expensive (although i get them for free from our friends in the mall)


My husband recently bought me a new camera beause he broke the one that im using. And I needed a new one anyway. We got this from Sony and it has tons of interesting features like Smile and Face detection, touch screen menus and etc. It takes clear pictures and video (12 megapixels) and most of all, its slim and its PINK.