Haha. Say goodbye to the old products that I’ve used up or products that did not work well for me so I stopped using them. You might see some of them in my entries if you request it.

  • Lancome Juicy Tubes in Orange Fizz – Love this gloss. I actually finished it!
  • Revlon Colorstay Eyeshadow in Blue, Brown, Purple and Green Quads. – Long wearing but I broke the cases when I dropped them. Applicators get lost easily.
  • Almay Liquid Blush in Pink – Love it but I’ve just upgraded to Smashbox.
  • Estee Lauder So Ingenious in Cool Almondine – I might resurrect this. Its quite new. It probably gave me breakouts before I dont remember. But i’ll give it another try.
  • Neutrogena Mineral Products – Blush and Eyeshadow – Too sheer, I can’t tell the difference in the shadows. The brush applicator of the blush was a bit too harsh on my skin.
  • Maybelline Superstay Silky Foundation – This product has a split dispenser of moisturizer and foundation. I used more of the moisturizer side and now I just have the foundation side left.
  • Neutrogena Skin Clearing Tint – Sheer tint that fights Acne – Not enough coverage to cover my scars before.
  • Proactive Sheer Mattifying Gel – Supposedly a primer, but my skin was still oily after using it. Not effective. My face looked pale when used alone.
  • BareMinerals Foundation in Medium Tan – Too dark for me. Makes my skin look dry and cakey. Loose powder is very messy.
  • Revlon Sheer Lipcolor and Gloss in Sheer Naked – Love the lipcolor. This is the first time Ive liked the natural nude color. I never used the gloss part. Its too sticky.
  • Covergirl Mascara – I liked it because the case is red. It was long wearing and it doesnt clump. Im not very particular with mascaras so this one was fine with me.
  • Neutrogena Lip Glosses- I bought several colors, it wasnt that bad. Its just that eventually the gloss leaks and its quite sticky and messy when that happens. It happened in 3 of my glosses.

 more to come…..


2 Responses to “Retirees”

  1. just saw this one… hahaha retired all the drugstore products you have huh? but sometimes it good to resurrect them.

  2. drugstore products are usually cheaper and more effective

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