The Author

Hi my name is Marie. Im 25 yrs old and I live in New York City.  Im married to the love of my life who tolerates all my craziness and love me anyway. Obviously, I am a shopaholic. An impulse buyer, who cannot resist adorable things I see in the mall. I have amassed a great debt from credit cards over the last couple of years over bags, clothes and cosmetics. I’ve slowed down a bit on the clothes and bags because I just can’t find any place for them anymore and I found out that cosmetics are much easier to hide when youre shopping for it haha. (naah I dont hide anything from my husband). 

Not just cosmetics but I do spend a lot on skin care too. I believe its necessary to take care of the skin first. Thats the real foundation of beauty. (yah yah a good personality and good outlook on life helps too! j/k)

Cosmetics for me is just something fun. To add a little color and to enhance what God already gave me. Another reason also is my job requires me to face a lot of people everyday. So looking good and presentable gives me confidence to do what I got to do. 

As for the products, Ive used many many drugstore and branded name products. But recently I have upgraded to the brand names due to the influence of Sephora. Why not spend a couple more dollars, its your face anyway. 

So I hope you enjoy this blog and learn a thing or two.   





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