The Craze

My friend and I have gone overboard the edge of craziness about make up. The desire to buy everything to complete the make up bag is driving my friend and I crazy. The wait for shipping, the wait for the weekend, the inavailability of the products, the searching in every store for the perfect color, the makeup budget etc etc.  

I guess it is my escape and reward for whatever im going through right now.

And we just really really love it.  Its not even about putting 30 products on your face at the same time. Its like looking at a collection. Its so nice to see all the colors. It gives you that girly feeling like a five year old playing with her toys. I swear, I love coming home and fixing and rearranging my make up bag, followed by an hour or two searching online, studying the newest products (trust me the variety is endless). At the same time I txt my friend asking her what she got today or what she’ll buy next week. And when Im really bored, I spend an hour trying on new combinations of cheek, lip and eye colors. Lol I dont remember what kept me busy before this. Haha even my husband misses me sometimes for being so quiet in my corner.


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